Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cake Therapy

It's that time of year again . . . . birthday cake making.  I'm sad to be making this without my best friend, but life moves on . . . even if I don't want it too.  I did consider not making anything super fancy this year because my friend won't be with me (I may come up with all the ideas but she is one that makes it all happen).  But thinking through it I figured that I need to make a cake, not necessarily for my daughter (does she really care? she's happy with just about anything).  No, making this cake is more of therapy for myself.  I do have fun baking and creating, this is the time that I have an excuse to make art.  I'm a terrible drawer! but I do like creating things and baking and this puts them together!
So lets talk cake.  My daughter has been taking ice skating lessons this year so we are doing an ice skate theme cake.  It's not going to be super crazy, I want to keep it simple . . . . simple and easy . . . except for making the ice skate I'm hoping it shouldn't be too hard (but things always go wrong and the "easy" things always seem hard).  As far as the cake flavor I'm making a peanut butter cup cake (chocolate cake with peanut butter filling). A new friend is coming over tomorrow and we shall make a cake . . . . it will be great (hopefully my kids will let us work).

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girltravelor said...

I'm glad you went ahead and made it-it turned out great! Miss you terribly.

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